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3 FREE Resources for Home Buyers

Let's get right into it!


You may be surprised that your lender will require Flood Insurance if you're buying a home in certain South Florida neighborhoods!

Flood Insurance can be a few thousand dollars per year and that's in addition to your Home Insurance! Here's are links to 2 free websites that show if your (potential) new home is in a "flood zone".

Miami Dade County - Flood Zone Map Broward County- Flood Zone Map



Lots of Real Estate websites (like Zillow) are guilty of giving LOW Property Tax numbers when 'helping' you calculate your monthly costs of ownership.

TIP: What a new Home Owner will pay in Property taxes has NOTHING to do with what the current Home Owner pays. Instead, use a Property Tax Estimator tool provided by your County! This will give you an accurate number to work with, so you can make sure to stay in budget. Links below: Miami-Dade County - Property Tax Estimator

Broward County - Property Tax Estimator



Do you know how much a $300K vs. $600K vs. $1Million mortgage costs Per Month?

Once you have accurate figures for your Interest Rate, Down-payment, Property Taxes, Insurance, HOA & PMI (if applicable) - they can be plugged into this Mortgage Calculator.

TIP: If you're ready to buy soon, reach out to a trusted lender for a pre-qualification letter and monthly cost estimate. They'll handle this step for you!

Need help Buying or Selling? Email: Until the next time, Happy Hunting!

Sincerely, Jonny & Maria

Your Real Estate Duo

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