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BEFORE You Buy, Assemble Your TEAM!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

We totally get it! Browsing through Zillow for beautiful homes happens to be one of our favorite things too (also, we love HGTV). However, have you given much thought as to who your DREAM TEAM will consist of?

Yes, assembling your Team is an essential part of the Home Buying process! Your Team will help you save money, time and guide you through some of the most important financial decisions of your life. Here's a quick list of the MVP's you need to seriously consider:

1) Lender

A Lender isn't just there to tell you, "Congratulations! You can afford a $500,000 Home!". A Lender needs to be your Counselor throughout the entire process. Someone who is patient and willing to explain interest rates, down payment, escrow, property taxes and points. An approval letter for a certain amount doesn't necessarily explain how much you will pay monthly for that Loan. It's important to find a lender that is ready and willing to disclose all the numbers, and is not solely interested in "closing the deal".

2) Inspector

We would NEVER suggest purchasing a property without an Inspection, even if you're paying cash! Selecting a reliable Inspector means he has experience with homes in Florida, is honest in his findings and is reasonably priced.

Pro Tip: Talk to your Inspector about Pests/Termites and personal Swimming Pools. They might not be licensed to inspect these, or it might not be included in the price you paid.

3) Closing Attorney

Your Closing Attorney will most likely also be your Escrow Agent and the one responsible for holding your Escrow Deposit throughout the Transaction. They will handle extremely sensitive information along with your money. Not all Closing Agents work the same. It is important that they are communicative and respond quickly to any call or emails.

Did you know? Florida does not require an attorney to oversee a residential real estate transaction. Not all title companies will have an attorney working in house. We recommend choosing one that does!

4) Your Realtor

Trust your Realtor! Select an Agent who is honest & reliable. Someone who knows the Home Buying process. Choose an Agent whose priority is protecting you and not just the Closing.

Pro Tip: Ask your Realtor for a blank copy of the Purchase Contract. Familiarize yourself with it and ask questions! You don't want to be surprised or overwhelmed by any contract clauses or deadlines once you have an executed contract.


There you have it! Four Key Players we recommend having on your side when before you start looking for a home. While we love online shopping (shout out Amazon!) and viewing the nicest homes Zillow has to offer, starting with these practical steps will make your home buying process as seamless as possible!

Sincerely, Jonny & Maria

Husband & Wife - Real Estate Duo

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